Denise Meier

Katzarov’s Manual Assistant

Joined Katzarov in 2005

Hobbies & Personal information

Enjoys walking in nature, Pilates, cooking, baking and reading. Great fan of exotic countries, with a soft spot for the Maldives.

“I am responsible for Katzarov’s Manual on Industrial Property, which is an online IP reference tool for IP practitioners, covering information on over 200 jurisdictions. My job involves collecting and analyzing the latest IP changes/developments from all over the world assuring the conformity of the Manual in real time. I am also responsible for the daily accounting and client contact for the Manual. Liaising with our local agents, cultivate relations with them and assure the Manual’s exposure are also a large part of my job.”


Bachelor of Arts History
University of Manchester | England


English, French, German, Swiss German 

Primary Expertise

Industrial property, web administration, client liaison.

Secondary Expertise


Matthias Kügele

European French & Swiss Patent Attorney | Design Attorney

Katzarov’s Manual Coordinator

Joined Katzarov in 2016

Hobbies & Personal information

Fan of Football, guitar player, enjoys family time, knows nothing about wine but likes it though, Katzarov’s out of the office activity organizer.

“I am a European, Swiss and French Patent Attorney specialized in Patent prosecution, Patent Litigation, Patent portfolio management and valorization, Filing Strategy. I started working for Small Patent Firm in Geneva as a Patent attorney in the chemical and electrochemical fields and spent two years in their Paris Office (2005-2006), working on mechanical cases. In 2016, I joined KATZAROV SA and became a Partner in 2017. Since then I am also managing the KATZAROV’s MANUAL Pole which edits the KATZAROV’s Manual on Industrial Property, which is the Worldwide reference IP handbook in over 200 countries since 1924. I am specializing in various technical fields including : Industrial and Environmental Engineering, Mechanics (special purpose machines, electrics, automotive industry, packaging), Medtech, Software, Electrochemistry (Batteries, electric and hybrid vehicles), Physical Chemistry (Lasers, Biosensors) and Cryptography.”

Other Information

Innosuisse special coach. Frequent travels to Asia to visit clients and provide lectures on EPC topics.


Dipl. Eng. Msc. in the Electrochemical field
Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, ETHL | Switzerland


French, English, Italian and German

Primary Expertise

Patent prosecution, Patent Litigation, Patent portfolio management and Filing Strategy

Secondary Expertise

Mentoring, Due diligence, Patent portfolio valorization

Professional Memberships

Member of AIPPI.

Technical Expertise
Medtech, Industrial and Environmental Engineering, General Mechanics, Electrochemistry, Physical Chemistry and Cryptography