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Whether you wish to turn your creation into an invention, or have designed a distinctive sign or the aesthetic features of an object, we offer creative and effective solutions to protecting your intellectual property. As a brilliant idea does not remain confidential for very long, we will help you define and develop a protection strategy that corresponds to your needs by considering every aspect of your project. Our goal is to secure optimum protection for you wherever that protection is needed, at a reasonable cost. Our approach is tailored exactly to your needs, meaning that we invest time in understanding you and your preferred way of working with us.

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Though our expertise in patents extends to almost every technical field, we are particularly reputed in the areas of chemistry, life sciences, electro-mechanics and information technology.

Our services include performing prior art and state-of-the-art searches and providing expert opinions on the validity of third-party rights (i.e. freedom to operate) and infringement cases. Our assistance can extend from patent drafting strategies to the complete management of large patent portfolios – including the monitoring and payment of annuities – and the subsequent valuation of your IP rights. According to your requirements, we will seek out the best possible patent protection at National, European, Eurasian or Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) levels.


Our extensive experience in trademark matters enables us to deal with major administrative and legal aspects in this field, from defining a pre-filing protection strategy and conducting availability searches to handling the complete filing and prosecution process through registration, together with post-granting procedures for national trademarks and international registrations under the Madrid System regime. Other services cover due diligence, monitoring, licensing, mergers, and transfers of IP assets. And in case of conflict, our capabilities include representation in opposition procedures, drafting of co-existence agreements, negotiation and even mediation during litigation.


The visual appearance of a product considerably increases its commercial value and constitutes a deciding factor in a purchasing decision by appealing to our senses, feelings and emotions. This value you have created is your IP signature and can be protected by registering a design. We will help you define and develop an industrial design protection strategy that corresponds to your needs and will prevent competitors from using a similar shape.


Though the notion of intellectual creation is not new, the fast-changing economic and technological environment of recent decades has given rise to a vast number of formal rights. Intellectual property now most commonly includes trademarks, patents, industrial design rights, utility models, geographical indications, domain names and, in some jurisdictions, trade secrets. Plant breeders' rights are available for new developments and innovations in the areas of biotechnology and gene patents. Our attorneys are ready to advise you in all these areas and more.


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