Anastassia Grünig

Anastassia Grünig

Senior Trademark Assistant

Joined Katzarov in 2000

Hobbies & Personal information

She likes sport, hiking, cooking, music and spending time with her family and friends. Few are those who have seen her without lipstick. Her salad dressing is always served on the side.

“I started working in the private banking field. I have been involved in the filed of Intellectual property since 2000 and am now a senior trademark assistant.” 

Master of Management and Business Administration
University of Management | Moscow


French, English, Russian

Primary Expertise

Prosecution (filing through registration) of trademarks, notably in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe as well as in Central Asia: global portfolio management (databases, analysis, documents, billing), trademark searches, classification, modifications and recordals renewals.

Secondary Expertise
IP legislation and international agreements procedures; in-depth examination of applications for national/international registration of marks; irregularity letters and related queries in accordance with the applicable legal framework; substantive examination procedures, responses to provisional refusals.