Nicoleta Lazar

Trademark Paralegal

Joined Katzarov in 2019

Hobbies & Personal information

Owns more books than shoes and can spend hours in a library; loves animals (but runs away from spiders!); can live off cheese alone.

“I am a trademark paralegal, since 2011, mainly specialized in trademark and design registration, with secondary experience in patents registration procedures. I started working in the IP field in 2011 in a multinational company, in the International Recordals department, and then changed for their Trademark Department and Legal Department (at the same time), at different locations of the company. I switched then to a temporary assignment as patent paralegal for six months to a multinational company in the automotive industry, followed by a similar position in a small Patent Firm in Haute Savoie. In 2019 I joined KATZAROV SA, where I currently manage a variety of procedures related to trademarks, for clients coming from various fields, e.g. duty-free travel, food, or shoes industries.”


Certification CPA (Certificate of Patent Assistant)
INPI | France
Master’s Degree in European Studies
University of AI.I. Cuza | Romania
Bachelor’s Degree from the Faculty of Law
University of AI.I. Cuza | Romania


English, French, Romanian 

Primary Expertise

Trademarks, Availability Searches; Filing, Prosecution, Renewals; Recordals

Secondary Expertise

Filing, Administrative procedures, Registration