Katzarov – a forward thinking intellectual property firm launching its new corporate website and new services

At Katzarov, we are tackling 2021 with renewed hope, energy and the determination to remain flexible and grasp issues from a new angle, change our ways, adapt and reinvent some aspects of our work and services to our clients.

We have become aware that our economic environment and our world have come to a crossroad and that many new challenges are ahead of us due to globalization, economic transformation, multitasking professions, the new face of services, the rise of artificial intelligence and digital technology. Little did we know that the pandemic was around the corner despite our patent attorneys’ warnings…

COVID has accelerated many reforms and our clients are called upon to adapt to new norms within their organization, more is demanded of them and their business is coping with an increased competitive and tough economic and structural environment.

The clients, our clients, are at the center of our activity and attention and we provide them with intellectual property services, and we thus need to be in tune with their new reality.

While we keep our traditional Intellectual Property Services and we highlight our historical expertise which is part of our DNA, we are officially launching the Intellectual Property Solutions which respond to real demands from clients who are spending money on know-how that makes the difference in their business, or wish to outsource projects for which they do not have the resources nor the time to deal with, or wish to hire a firm that understands their industry’s imperatives and can act as an intermediary between them and an outsourced player, or assist them in optimizing their internal legal function. In other words, we have the ambition to bring real solutions to clients’ current issues. And reinvent our sector of activity to be in line with this century.

Please visit our new website. Let us know what you think. Challenge us and do not hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure talking to you.