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IP for Start-Ups by Katzarov
IP for Start-Ups by Katzarov is a unique desk dedicated to support start-ups in need of IP and legal services at every key stage of their development, regardless of their sector of activity.

Intellectual Property Strategy

Formulating a clear and practical IP strategy which is aligned to your business plan is key to making the right decisions, at the right time and ensure your business to growth.

Why Katzarov?

For many years, Katzarov has been convinced that IP assets can enhance corporate value and participate in your success. Thus, we have established competent legal and technical teams (Patent, Design & Trademark Attorneys) that speak the same language as entrepreneurs, innovators and start-up founders.

Protect your brand

We are at your side and advise you efficiently when you create your company, especially when you protect your logo, your corporate name and/or a trademark for your product.

Protect your inventions

We help you define which inventions are patentable and advise the best protection strategy, at costs adapted to your budget.

Legal services

We review with you your legal contracts (license or service agreements, MTA, NDA, employees’ contracts…) to ensure that your rights are well defended.

Do you have the freedom to operate?

We assess patent freedom to operate of your process / product and help you mitigate the risk of patent litigation. This is often key to convince investors that your business plan is strong and can safely develop in your target market.

Secure funding of your business

We assist you in your negotiations with investors, or if you are looking for investors, we can gain you access to those in our network.

Innosuisse IP Special Coaches

Our IP Special Coaches at Innosuisse assist you in obtaining Innosuisse accreditation during the Core Coaching process by establishing an IP assessment, an IP roadmap or by performing an IP due diligence to obtain the Innosuisse Certificate.