Our History

We are pioneers in our field
KATZAROV developed out of the private practice of Konstantin Katzarov, Professor of international law, and was incorporated in Geneva in 1967. At that time, our firm was one of the first companies to assist clients in obtaining industrial property protection in central and eastern European countries and in the communist Asian countries.


True to our DNA, we have steadily expanded our activities, serving as a gateway to all countries in the world where IP is protected. Having been a pioneer in our field has given us an uncontestable advantage in establishing an unparalleled network in all countries where IP is protected and acquiring a unique expertise thanks to the continuous trust of our clients. This is reflected as well in the profile and professional background of our people, which is as diverse as in any multinational environment nowadays.

KATZAROV offers assistance with all aspects of intellectual property and business related questions.

Professor Konstantin Katzarov

Published with the kind authorization of the Fonds Katzarovi


In the early 1990s, when important geopolitical changes occurred in Eastern Europe and Eurasia, we were actively involved in establishing intellectual property standards in the emerging countries of the region. Our experts have also contributed to the normative and doctrinal changes achieved in the field.




Today, as one of the foremost intellectual property firms in Switzerland, we represent a large number of domestic and international clients both in our home country and before foreign intellectual property authorities. And due to our historical expertise and long established privileged contacts in the countries still commonly referred to as Eastern Europe, as well as the Asian countries, we are still at the forefront of serving our clients’ interests in these jurisdictions.

Katzarov’s Manual

Being in vanguard in providing our fellow IP professionals with invaluable knowledge, KATZAROV’s Manual on Industrial Property is edited and published since 1924.

Starting out in 1924 as a printed guide for patent and trademark registrations, it has evolved into a state-of-the-art website, available in over 100 languages and covering more than 200 jurisdictions.

The Manual now includes all the various forms of intellectual property rights. The main chapters in each country cover, among others, the IP national laws, membership in international IP treaties, national filing requirements, examination, granting and protection procedure.

The Manual website is updated daily thanks to a dedicated team in collaboration with 140 local IP law firms and assisted by KATZAROV’s team of experienced attorneys.

It remains to this day the worldwide trusted reference on every aspect of our profession.