Our values

Our values shape how we serve our clients, with creativity, commitment, courage, favoring well-being and respect in our exchanges


  • Katzarov has been at the forefront of the IP scene for more than 50 years
  • Katzarov is the editor of the well-known Manual on Industrial Property, published since 1924
  • Visionary, Katzarov contributed to the establishment of IP standards and practice in the former soviet republics
  • Katzarov is a center of expertise in the IP field


  • To offer Intellectual Property (IP) advice and assistance in more than 200 countries
  • To help with the development and implementation of our clients’ IP operational structures
  • To elaborate an IP strategy adapted to their commercial challenges and imperatives
  • To offer guidance to multinational companies, SMEs, startups, young enterprises and individual inventors in their IP related challenges
  • To support local and international promoters in the innovation industry
  • To help domestic clients expand their contacts with local universities and research institutes
  • To be a center of expertise in the IP field


  • We believe that success is closely linked to the professional and human qualities of our employees and our aim is to attract talented professionals
  • We involve our professionals in the elaboration of innovative projects leading to the development of the firm
  • We offer continuous training and certification to our employees
  • We encourage direct and open communication between all collaborators
  • We offer multiple opportunities for professional development
  • We guarantee a professional environment that encourages exchange and development