IP agreements / transactions protection and management

A crucial aspect in protecting your IP rights as a business while building your business relationships, cooperating, positioning yourself to ensure your business’ growth and generating commercial value,
is having the right intellectual property agreements in place.


You are setting up a new company
  • You need assistance regarding the administrative steps to establish your company
  • You need to check the IP ownership of your newly created company and determine if the right documents have been executed
    • by the co-founders
    • by the employees
    • by third party contributors (contractors, consultants, or other companies that develop your IP)
  • You are collaborating or negotiating with potential partners and need to exchange certain confidential information
  • You are negotiating a license agreement with a well-established company
You wish to expand your business’ reach abroad
  • You need to obtain registration and the corresponding use right – in countries with ex officio examination as to relative grounds for refusal – with the consent of the owner of a prior IP right
  • Following a conflict with a third party who owns a similar or identical IP right, you need to delimit your respective scope of IP activities in order to avoid confusion on the market
You want to optimize the value of your intangible assets
  • More than ever, the value of a business is intrisequently linked to its IP
  • IP contracts are a useful tool to turn your IP rights into profitable assets
  • IP contracts will ensure a steady additional income
  • IP contracts will help you expand your IP assets and avoid that they lose value
  • Seeking advice on IP valorization and building a strategy with the right contracts in place is key to your business
You want to strengthen your position on the market
  • You have acquired IP ownership from an employee or a third party (i.e. assignment; HR contracts)
  • You wish to use a third party’s IP rights (i.e. license; artist commissioning agreement)
  • You have adopted a marketing strategy using multiple brand names on goods or services as part of a strategic alliance (i.e. partnership agreement; co-branding)
  • You wish to hire a celebrity for your marketing campaign (i.e. celebrity endorsement agreements)
  • You plan to enter into a services deal with a third party (i.e. services supply agreement)
  • You are considering promoting the sale of goods, especially by their presentation in retail outlets (i.e. merchandising)
  • Your business involves using the name or image of popular brands or fictional characters for commonplace products (i.e product merchandising)
  • You want to provide your brand, operations model and required support to another party for them to set up and run a similar business (i.e. franchise)
You acquire or sell part of a business

Your company’s agreements may also include sale and purchase agreements and other agreements specific to your business strategy

You do not have an in-house intellectual property department
  • You wish to outsource your agreements or their docketing and storage as well as the agenda for these contracts – scheduled payments, expiry dates, parties’ obligations, written requests to update a clause, IP rights licensed to third parties
  • You wish to outsource the listing of your contracts in view of due diligence or to serve a particular purpose
A well-negotiated and well-crafted IP contract
  • We have experience in finding the right architecture for each IP contract and will provide you with a wide range of possibilities in conducting business in your country and abroad
  • We know that transactions play a crucial role in a company’s overall IP strategy and that a robust IP contract/section in a contract will add value to your business
  • We are experts in negotiating, reviewing, drafting, amending and managing IP agreements that are vital to your business
  • We combine legal expertise and technical knowledge to serve your business by shaping tailor-made agreements that fit your unique needs, regardless of your industry
  • We assist you at all stages and in all aspects of the IP transactions
  • We work closely with you and help negotiate, protect and manage the IP side of your business
  • Prior to the actual meetings, we help you prepare for negotiation and accompany you during the entire negotiation process
  • We help you strengthen your position and ensure that your IP contracts comply with legal requirements and are to your advantage
  • We keep track of all your contracts affecting IP and provide facilities to docket such agreements as well as your Trademark and Design Certificates and Patent Letters
We support and advise our clients in the following IP and IP-related transactions


IP Agreements*IP-related Agreements*
Prior Rights AgreementsConfidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements
Co-existence AgreementsDevelopment collaboration and research
Delimitation AgreementsJoint Development Agreements (JDA)
Letters of ConsentTechnology Transfer Agreements
Assignment / Transfer / Acquisition / Sale of IP Rights and TechnologyAll IP aspects in commercial agreements
License / Trademark, Domain Name, Patents, Designs, TechnologyM&As
FranchiseHR contracts
Co-brandingServices Supply Agreements
SLAs & SoW
Merchandising / Character Merchandising
Ambush marketing
Escrow Agreements
Artist commissioning agreement
Partnership agreement*including but not limited to the listed agreements
Celebrity endorsement agreements