Disputes & Mediation

You received a cease-and-desist letter, you are on the brink of an IP dispute or need to assess whether your rights are being infringed,
in one or several countries, Katzarov may assist you from mediation to litigation, up to concluding a settlement agreement.


  • You want to make sure your employees understand third parties’ IP rights
  • You have received a warning letter from someone claiming that you are copying and infringing their IP rights
  • You find yourself involved in an IP dispute and would like to determine your options and if there is room for negotiation
  • You believe someone is using your IP rights unlawfully
  • You need an analysis of the scope of your IP rights and an assessment as to whether those rights are infringed
  • Someone is manufacturing a patented technology or is marketing similar goods bearing your mark without your prior authorization and you wish to take steps to assert your IP rights
  • Following a conflict with a third party who owns a similar or identical IP right, you need to know how to avoid confusion on the market
  • You have realized that the desired domain name corresponding to your corporate name or product is already taken

We assert your IP rights

  • We cover a broad range of IP disputes in trademark, patent, design, domain names and other alternative resolution procedures
  • We act before the relevant national IP Offices as well as administrative and law enforcement bodies
  • We provide pre-dispute advice, legal analysis and options to defend your IP rights and help prevent or resolve a conflict by avoiding unnecessary risky, time-consuming and expensive litigation
  • We advise clients on creative and pragmatic IP enforcement strategies
  • We aim to manage and resolve disputes by the most appropriate means and those suitable to your particular business
  • We have considerable experience at a local, regional and global level in handling IP disputes and enforcement procedures
  • We offer a personalized approach and strategy for each client
  • We act as a single point of contact to help you resolve a multi-jurisdictional conflict
  • We work in close collaboration with an experienced and reliable international network of associates and specialized lawyers
  • We have at our disposal the most effective tools to resolve our clients’ IP disputes
  • Sending and responding to desist letters
  • Negotiating settlement agreements
  • Acting as a neutral intermediary in mediation
  • Defending clients’ interests before national IP Offices and administrative bodies in relation to any administrative disputes related to IP, such as oppositions, appeals, cancellations based on non-use, nullifications in Switzerland and internationally
  • Representing the clients’ interests before anti-monopoly committees and other enforcement authorities
  • Providing litigation counselling and advice on the best strategy in settlement agreements
  • Negotiating the global settlement of IP disputes
  • Advising on domain name disputes including cybersquatting
  • Recovering domain names and acting in domain name disputes resolution procedures
  • Issuing legal opinions and expert statements related to the protection of IP rights


  • The alternative to litigation
  • It is « party-centered » and the parties have control over the conflict resolution
  • Resolution attained within a shorter time period and remaining confidential
  • Statistically parties comply highly with mediated agreement
  • Cost effective
  • Katzarov offers professional mediation compliant with code of ethics