IP & Internet

We help you in shaping a strategy as to your business’ visibility on I
taking into account issues regarding use of your IP, copyright concerns, third parties’ rights, domain name aspects as well as acting against infringing contents and unlawful comparative advertising.


  • We proceed with an overall analysis of your website and social media pages to see if your trademark use is valid and which elements may be protected as trademarks and/or designs
  • We help you identify which of your content is protected by copyright
  • We assist you in ensuring that the creative materials, images, trademarks and claims on your site or social media do not infringe third parties’ rights
  • We assist you in identifying all unfair and offensive use of your IP by competitors on the Internet and in social media
  • We provide monitoring services
  • We approach any domain name holder and negotiate to acquire their domain name
Taking action
  • Sending cease-and-desist letters to counterparty unfairly using your trademark/design/copyright on social media, including as keyword advertisement (Google / Amazon…)
  • Assisting you in attempting to resolve any dispute through negotiation
  • Acting according to specific procedures used by social media platforms to take down infringing content
  • Initiating and following procedures to obtain cancellation or transfer of the infringing domain names (UDRP procedures)
  • Drafting and reviewing of CGV/CGU
  • Drafting and reviewing of Cookies Policy
  • Drafting and reviewing of Privacy Policy (conformity with GDPR)
  • Drafting and reviewing of Terms & Conditions for your website and contests on social media
  • Advice on comparative advertising
  • Analysis of the conformity of your Internet content – website, social media – with local laws
IP Strategy
  • Strategy on your business visibility on Internet/social media
  • Assisting you in meetings with communication and marketing agencies and in training them on your IP issues