Optimizing your IP Rights

Katzarov assists you in educating your people as well as your business partners.


  • How to develop IP awareness across your business, with your internal clients and business partners
  • The strategy to be adopted towards IP negotiations with suppliers and third parties

Setting various policies and procedures, including:

  • IP Guidelines
  • a Personnel and Code of Conduct Policy – in the context of handling IP
  • a Documentation Policy – for creating documents to ensure that IP is properly captured and establishing a culture of documenting ideas
  • a Confidentiality Policy and/or Trade Secret Policy – to ensure secret business information is kept confidential by non-disclosure agreements and non-compete clauses in employment agreements and/or in business contracts that include proprietary issues
  • a Protection Policy – for early stage review of new products and ideas to determine potential value and the best form of protection
  • an Infringement Policy – to ensure the organisation is not infringing third party IP rights and that speedy action is taken against infringement by others
  • a Research Policy – to ensure that research projects are developed, resourced and managed effectively with regard to IP issues
  • a Branding Policy – to manage brand awareness and guidelines for use of brand internally and externally
  • an Education Policy – to educate staff and management on the importance of protection and management of the organisation’s IP
  • a Commercialisation Policy – developing how the organisation can properly manage its IP  both internally and externally to ensure IP is used in the most efficient manner
  • a Trademark Policy – to ensure your organisation is sensitive to certain trademark issues (i.e. risk of dilution of your trademark in certain territories) you may encounter and that it uses your trademarks according to set guidelines
  • a Copyright Policy – to ensure your organisation is sensitive to certain copyright issues and that copyright guidelines are applied correctly
  • an Ownership Policy – to clarify proprietary issues