Plant varieties

ant Variety Rights’ protection supports access to quality seeds of proven high-performing plant varieties
through a dedicated process of investment, innovation and independent evaluation and we may assist you in such evaluation and filing process.


  • When a new variety of plant is created, the breeder of this new variety may also obtain specific protection rights for his/her creation in addition to a patent and a trademark right
  • In order to obtain such a title of protection, a seed is submitted to the plant variety office, who grows it for one or more seasons, to check that it is distinct, stable and uniform. If these tests are passed, exclusive rights are granted
  • These rights are called plant variety rights (PVR) also known as plant breeders’ rights (PBR) and give the breeder exclusive control over the propagating material and harvested material of a new variety as well as the right to protect his/her varieties from unwanted commercial use for 25/30 years