Design registration and protection services

Pre-filing advice, filing, registration, recordation of changes, renewal, monitoring – globally.
We advise you on the novelty of your design(s) according to the state of the art, while determining how the same should be presented technically in order to ensure the best chances of success in the face of litigation.

Our skills

Pre-filing Advice
  • We conduct an overall analysis on the “protectability” of the design
  • We propose to the client an overall filing strategy
Filing of a Design
  • We assess the conformity of the provided reproductions and provide assistance with regard to technical drawing
  • Following the filing strategy discussed, we proceed with the filing of a design application (simple or multiple) with attribution to a Locarno class and with the drafting of a description
  • We handle the filing of designs outside of Switzerland and  in any country in the world through a network of carefully chosen and trusted partners with whom we have a long-established cooperation
  • We handle a WIPO Proof filing where relevant
Design registration
  • We assist our clients with overcoming any official objection
  • We request the publication of each reproduction and handle the publication fees
  • We receive and verify the information included in the design registration certificate and forward the same to the client
Recordation of changes
  • We follow any changes concerning your business and ensure that the same are reflected before the relevant national office whenever necessary
  • We advise on formalities necessary for the recordation of changes regarding your design registrations (name, address, assignment, license)
  • We prepare all the necessary documents in accordance with local requirements
  • We ensure the continuity of your design rights
  • We docket renewal deadlines in our design management system and send you reminders well ahead of time
  • We renew the designs in all countries of interest to you
  • We assist you with the renewal process by establishing the right strategy depending on your business needs
  • We verify the information in the official renewal document issued by the corresponding national Office
Design monitoring
  • We monitor your competitors’ unregistered designs’ use and registered design portfolios
  • We assist you in negotiations with third parties
  • We draft and review all contracts relating to and including design rights